Environmental Protection

At Toyofuji, high priority is placed on environmental preservation activities as a critical management issue in the 21st Century, with efforts being made by the entire company.

The "TFS ECO PROJECT Committee" is a project team formed to continually promote environmental protection activities. The organization works to help preserve the environment, bringing together all of the company’s employees, the service fleet, and cooperating companies.

Environmental Policy

Treating the serious problems facing the environment in the 21st century as a matter of tremendous importance, Toyofuji Shipping shall contribute to a richer future through corporate activities in harmony with the Earth’s environment.

Recognizing our business is deeply rooted in the global environment, TFS group are united to promote saving energy and the antipollution activity. TFS group continue to improve EMS(Environmental management System), and protect the global environment by observing our self-standards besides the environmental laws and agreements.

Each employee is aware, and takes the responsibility of the environmental problems and set middle-term goal for the purpose of achieving the environment policy.

As a cooperation trusted by the society, TFS group are positively taking up the protection of the environment for the local community to realize the beautiful Earth.

ISO 14001 Certification and Environmental Protection Activities

On September 26, 2000, Toyofuji took a pioneering step in the industry by acquiring certification in the "ISO 14001" international environmental standard, covering all of the company’s vessels and business locations. Toyofuji works to implement environmentally friendly corporate activities.

Auditing Organization:

  • International Standards Certification Center
  • Mie Prefectural Environmental Protection Agency
  • Registration No. : (JAB) RE010 (ISC) E074


Vessel Group

Based on prevention of pollution of the seas in the course of sailing the company’s vessels, this group performs regularly schedule inspections and maintenance while endeavoring to conserve energy in sailing operations.

Terminal Operation Group

This group works to reduce exhaust gas emissions in bringing in the cars for sale to the marine transport terminal by means of efficient operations.

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