Corporate Principles

Principles & Policies

Promoted by Toyofuji Shipping Co., Ltd, Japan and adopted by every overseas group company.

TFS Health and Safety Policy

Recognizing that ensuring the health and safety of the company’s employees and all people with whom it works is critical to our corporate activities, the company shall create a workplace that is safe and secure.

  • The company shall promote health and safety activities with the full and united involvement of all Toyofuji Shipping employees and employees at cooperating companies.
  • We shall obey all laws and company regulations involving occupational health and safety so as to achieve a high level of compliance.
  • We aim to achieve constant improvement in health and safety standards through the implementation of appropriate occupational health and safety management systems.
  • We shall promote the development of human resources by providing regular health and safety education and training to those with whom the company works.

TFS Safe Navigation Policy

Recognizing that ensuring safety in navigation is of paramount importance to our corporate activities, the company aims to provide safe, secure transport services

  • All senior executives, employees, and other associated personnel shall be united in promoting safe maritime transport activities, with top priority placed on safety.
  • We shall obey all maritime-related laws and company regulations so as to achieve a high level of compliance.
  • We shall make continuous improvements to our vessel safety management systems and strive constantly to improve our vessel safety standards.
  • We shall promote the development of human resources by providing regular maritime safety education.

Corporate Principles

  • With the highest ethical standards and fair business practices, we aim to be good corporate citizens trusted by the world community.
  • By promoting environmentally friendly business practices, we play our role in ensuring an abundant future for all.
  • We are devoted to pulling the customer first. We seek to contribute to economic and social development, providing creative, high value, safe transport services.
  • We seek steady growth, by improving our ability to respond to environmental changes through innovative and efficient global management.
  • Enhancing individual creativity and teamwork to the utmost, we seek to build a bright and energetic corporate culture.
  • Based on an open and fair business relationship, we seek to establish mutual trust and stable growth.

TFS Environmental Policy

Treating the serious problems facing the environment in the 21 st century as a matter of tremendous importance, Toyofuji Shipping shall contribute to a richer future through corporate activities in harmony with the Earth’s environment.

  • Recognizing our business is deeply rooted in the global environment, the TFS group are united to promote saving energy and antipollution activity.
  • TFS group continue to improve EMS(Environmental Management System) and protect the global environment by observing our self-standards besides the environmental laws and agreements.
  • Each employee is aware, and takes responsibility for the environmental problems and set a middle-term goal for the purpose of achieving the environment policy.
  • As cooperation trusted by the society, TFS group are positively taking up the protection of the environment for the local community to realize the beautiful Earth.

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